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Posted: 14.12.2006 [11:12]

The announcement was part of the daily listings, I was aware of how to locate it but my questions oncerned why it was removed from the DAILY LISTING so before insulting people why dont you entertain the possibility that perhaps you are the one who hade made an error and refrain from insults ah so many clown so few circuses! SPY

Posted: 13.12.2006 [21:52]

Why don't you search before you write.
Click search under 'establishments' (red writing on top left).
Write: 'desideria' in the 'establishments name'
Click search
I think you will find what you are looking for.


Happy X-mas and Silvester to the Admin. :-)

Posted: 13.12.2006 [12:43]

why is this question so hard to answer and while you are at it tell me what is the practice of gamahauching this is a new term for me if i know what it is maybe i will like it! SPY

Posted: 07.12.2006 [22:39]

so eol can you answer this question from me just below? SPY

Posted: 03.12.2006 [22:18]

You had a advert for a woman two days ago who was teeling people that she is pregnant at least this was her come on now it is gone why? SPY

Posted: 25.08.2006 [15:37]

Admin can you ip ban the fool who keeps writing funny ringtones

The man is a dick

Posted: 14.06.2006 [00:21]

As I pointed out in my post 14:23 below many people no longer post on this site because of the fact that a couple of months ago there were trolls posting so much nonsense that regular posters virtually gave up.

They now post on other forums (which out of respect for EOL I will not name).

However, on those forums, they are posting as much as, or more than ever before on the Prague scene.

The idiot posts have stolen lots of EOL's bandwidth, and while this site is the best for information from the clubs and privates etc, it is now no longer the best for discussions and information swapping between punters.

Skoda. (And that's not my name ;)

Posted: 13.06.2006 [22:58]

Guest 14.37. The truth is people dont share as much as they use to a few years back. Probably because more guys now have a better knowledge of
Prague and dont feel they need to exchange info. But always good to know
places to avoid.

Posted: 13.06.2006 [14:37]

I would like to see a few options added to the girls description:
1) whether or not they allow themselves to be photographed/or filmed
2) whether they are a) shaved b) partly shaved or c) natural pussy....i have
seen this option on the databases of many other sites....thankyou though for a great site overall - keep up the good work...
Rocco S.

Posted: 10.05.2006 [14:23]

EOL moderator. You might have noticed that not too many serious posters are in these forums any more. The stupid posters have driven them out. I suggest you consider cleaning the idiots out, or closing the forums since without serious posters, you are paying your good money for the entertainment of idiots. But it's your money that is being wasted I guess.

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posts 1 to 10 out of 323 found

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